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Do all have a handle on what makes the business tick? How reliable is the internal and external stakeholder support? Where and how should corporate endeavour be tweaked to make day-to-day management more meaningful while at the same time securing better odds in the marketplace?

Policy guides corporate endeavour and has to do with strategically driving and operationally managing all resources - tangible and intangible; on- and off balance sheet. Are, for example, the core and the incidental business(es) still on track or has there been a potentially fatal drift?

Corporate Configurations partners with you in considering these and other issues.  It’s about aligning the policy- (with its 6 facets), the planning- (through 5 phases) and the decision-making (at 3 levels) processes to place the organization in sustainable, beneficial relationships.

Corporate Configurations Business Consultancy CC To this end it is not unusual for non-typical, reflective company-specific team building/lekgotla/bosberaad/scenario/strategy sessions to be called for. Being two sides of the same coin (organizational direction & individual roles), buy-in and commitment are givens.

Irrespective of size or sector, the following fundamental principles in putting some oomph into corporate endeavour apply:

  • You are the one closest to your business,
  • One consciously needs to go back to basics to chart the road ahead - e.g. to challenge group think and build on group cohesion,
  • Team building should not to be confused with character building.

Fact is that time and other resources are already being expended on this, both formally and informally. We would therefore welcome an opportunity to show how this Corporate Configurations alternative can give you a bigger bang for your buck in boosting your business endeavour to better occupy and work your business domain and space.

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